our neighborhood cafe

Coffee, tea and natural wines served in a restored 1916 Craftsman-style house. Join us for European sandwiches and our signature sticky buns by the fire.

In 1952 our grandmother, Thelma, joined the Good Companions cycling club in the English countryside where she met our grandfather Dennis. Their love story lasted for 60 years. We’ve always been touched by this sweet tale, so when we found this little house that so resembled an English cottage, we were inspired to bring their love story back to life. We wanted it to be the kind of place where stories begin over a cup of coffee, where good companions are made over a glass of wine, and where adventures like theirs could unfold.


The Good Companions menu is as simple as it is satisfying. A selection of European-style sandwiches—think brie and jam or prosciutto and butter tucked between in-house baked bread—and daily scratch-made pastries like decadent sticky buns pair perfectly with coffee, tea and natural wines.